Wix Review 2016

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This article is a review of Wix.com; it is supposedly one of the best website builders on the planet. Read this Wix review if you are in need of a website for your project and want to save time and money hiring coders and designers to get up and running fast and in style.

Reading time is approximately 8 minutes.

Wix Review

Wix Review Highlights

  1. Build a beautiful website with Wix.com in a day
  2. Choose from 1000 stunning website designs
  3. Test Wix.com as long as you like with their free plan

What is Wix.com?

Wix.com is a collection of tools and services with which you can quickly and easily create beautiful and functional websites.

You can create your site without any coding and design skills. Regardless of what website you want to make, the chances are good that there is a well-designed layout you can utilize for your web presence.

Are you a personal trainer, a consultant, a writer, or an app developer? Do you run an online store, a restaurant, or a hotel?

Regardless of your interest, Wix.com offers a website template you can build upon.

Here is a small excerpt of categories provided on Wix.com:

  • Blog
  • Landing Pages
  • Online Store
  • Events
  • Portfolio & CV
  • Business
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Designer
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels & Travel
  • Creative Arts
  • Community & Education
  • Accomodation

Wix Template Categories

Wix is not just a website editor, but a collection of tools and services you can use to build and run your site.

The tools and services that constitute the Wix platform:

  • Template collection (over 1000 different designs)
  • Wix Editor
  • Image Editor
  • Hosting Service
  • Wix App Market
  • Wix Mobile Tool
  • Wix SEO Wizard and Monitoring Tool
  • Wix ShoutOut
  • Wix Music
  • Wix Hotels
  • Wix Stores
  • Wix Ed (for education)
  • Form Builder App
  • Site Booster App
  • Support

Some parts of the platform are only available to customers who are willing to switch to a premium pricing plan. For example, the form builder is only available in the eCommerce and the Unlimited plan.

Other offerings, like the skillfully designed templates, can be used at no extra cost.

Therefore, it is crucial for your calculation to know which parts of the Wix platform you need to run your online presence.

See the pricing section of this article for more information on the topic.

About Wix.com

Wix.com was founded ten years ago in 2006. Since then the company experienced massive growth. At the time of this writing, Wix hosts over 80 million websites.

According to Wix itself, the company signs up 45.000 new users each day, and they have over 85 million users across 190 countries.

Wix works on their product portfolio continuously. Tools improve, and the number of designs and templates grow steadily.

Wix Business Website

Sometime this year, they will even launch an automated web design service built on artificial intelligence.

Headquarters are in Tel Aviv, Israel. Wix also has offices in USA, Lithuania, Germany, Brazil, and Ukraine. Currently, they have 1200 employees.

The company is listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange under the symbol WIX.

The company and its services got featured on many well-known media outlets like Bloomberg, The Next Web, PCMAG, Small Business Trends, MSN, Forbes, and the New York Times.

Wix Pros

You can choose from more than 1000 website design templates to build your site upon. This makes it incredibly easy and fast to create your web presence. It is no exaggeration to say that you can create your first website in a day. Regardless of what your website will be about, Wix has a beautifully designed template for your business.

Most popular templates on Wix

The online editor is easy to use and intuitive, yet very powerful. While working with it to build a website for a customer I can say that you can pick up the knowledge to use the editing features quite quickly.

Another plus is that it is very easy to get started. Wix.com does not ask for credit card information upfront. No long forms to fill out. Just sign up with your email address, pick a template to work with and add your texts and images. There is also no time limitation on the freemium plan, try Wix.com for free as long as you like.

When using the online editor for the first time I was afraid to loose any of my changes because I was using a poor internet connection. Even though the internet connection dropped several times during my work session, I am glad to report that I did not loose a single change to my website.

You can also use fancy web design features like animations. Animations are great to grab your reader’s attention. Therefore, you should use animations selectively. So-called CTAs (call to actions) are an excellent opportunity for using animations. Do not overdo it, or it will drive away your website users.

Another advantage of using Wix is that the platform is very flexible. For example, adding a beautiful photo gallery to your site is just a few clicks away.

Even if you need to add an online store, a newsletter component, a booking widget, or a blog; Wix has you covered. But be aware that some features do cost extra and are not covered even by the premium plan as you have to install apps from the Wix App Market.

Wix Blog Templates

Wix Cons

Although Wix supports building websites for mobile devices, the process is not ideal. I would have loved to see real responsive design capabilities. To be fair, it is probably not easy to get it right from a product design perspective. Having said this, the mobile site building tool can be used to build a mobile version of your website, but it is a little cumbersome.

Probably my biggest complaint about Wix is that you cannot change the underlying template. This is different from the workflow you know from content management systems like Wordpress for example. It is a best practice in the website design industry to have your content separated from its representation. Web designers and coders alike work hard to get this separation of concerns right.

What is the problem?

Imagine you have been using Wix.com for five years. You look at your website, and you perceive it as looking outdated? When using Wordpress this is not a big problem, just buy a modern theme and change it. But with Wix.com you cannot do this. You have to create a new site and bring your content over manually. This is not a problem for sites with ten pages, but it is a major issue if you have a site with 1000 pages. Keep that in mind when making your decision whether Wix is the right platform to host your website.

When to use Wix.com

For me, it is quite obvious when I would use Wix.com, or any website builder for that matter, to build my site: when the website is not at the core of my business.

If you are a Yoga instructor, a photographer, or a musician, the website is something you need for your business, but it is not your business, just one small part of it.

Compare this to a full-time blogger. For a blogger the website is the business. The same applies to an SEO marketer, a social media manager, or someone who wants to run a forum.

When you own a restaurant, you need a website. Making a website for a restaurant is not too complex. You want to have a nicely designed website, which shows the menu, a photo gallery of your restaurant, a map to find your location, and probably a contact form so that customers can make a reservation.

For this use case, Wix.com is the perfect tool.

The same applies if you let your property. You need a photo gallery and a contact form; that’s it. Again a website builder is a great tool for this use case. You can build a beautiful website for your property in no time.

The same thing applies if you want to build a website for your band. Creating a website for your music business is a breeze with Wix.

You can make design-heavy websites in no time with Wix.com. If you need a site for your recipe collection, or you want to share travel locations with your friends, or you want to build a home on the web for your photography business, Wix is the right tool for the job.

Another good way to find out whether you should use a website builder is to ask yourself how often you plan to update your site. If the answer is daily, then I would recommend you use Wordpress or any other content management software.

Wix Blog Manager

Take this advice with a grain of salt. I do not say that it is impossible to run a blog and update it several times a day with Wix.com. I just say I would not do it. There are better tools for this.

In short, Wix is ideal for people who are not tech-savvy. Anybody who does not want to spend a fortune on designers and coders. Anybody who needs a good looking site up and running in a day. People who do not want to handle servers, databases, backups, and other technical details. Artists, personal trainers, small business owners and many other people come to mind.

When NOT to use Wix.com

Let me give you an example to make this clearer. If you build an iPhone app and need a website for it, Wix.com is a perfect match.

On the other hand, if you are a blogger and write and publish content each and every day, I would recommend you go with a Wordpress site (or for that matter, any other content management system).

I will write an article about wix vs. wordpress shortly. There are many cases where Wordpress might be the better choice for you. As I already mentioned, my advice is to use Wix.com when you need a website for your business. Use Wordpress if your website is your business.

Certainly, there are edge cases where it is not that easy to make a decision. Take for example a web page for a yoga studio business. In the beginning, a very simple site will do, but if the studio becomes successful and attracts several hundreds of Yoga students it would make sense to enhance the website to make it easier for the business owner to run the business. Taking online bookings for classes comes to mind. Or a shop to sell yoga maps and cloth would be an excellent addition to the studio.

When you create a website, it’s hard to know what features you will need in the future. Ask yourself what features would be nice to have down the road. Can the website builder of your choice support those features? You really should do your research. Otherwise, you might have to migrate your site away from the solution you picked, which will be painful and which you should try to avoid.

Then again, when your business is that successful, you will be able to pay somebody to do the transition for you and build something on top of Wordpress or any other content management software.

Wix Review Video

Sorry, the Wix review video is not ready yet. I am working on it.

Ease of Use

Probably the most enticing feature of Wix.com is the great online editor with its ease of use.

Most of the website elements can be added via drag and drop. If you want to add a new text paragraph you simply drag the paragraph symbol from the toolbar to the position within your website where you want to add your text block.

Titles, galleries, buttons, lists, and other elements can be added like text paragraphs simply by drag and drop.

The editor shows gridlines to make it easy to position and align elements on your page.

If you want to change the properties of an item you added, you can just click on the element and a context element will appear. For example, if you just added a button to your page and want to edit its label, you simply click on the button to show its context menu and select the change text item.

Wix Editor

Working with images is just as easy as working with other elements of your web page. You can upload your images to Wix, or you can use free and paid stock photos.

The image editor is as easy to use as the website editor itself.

Wix Image Editor

You can present your images in grid galleries, full-width galleries, slider galleries, or 3D galleries.

All of the tools offered by the Wix.com platform are intuitive, and you will become productive using the clean Wix UI in a very short amount of time.

You can preview your website at any time with a single push of a button.

As soon as you are satisfied with your draft, you can just press the publish button and your website is available on the internet.

As I mentioned, the tools are great, but could certainly be improved further. A modern web design flow, for example, allows your site to be viewed in a browser with live reload. That means the browser will notice that your site has changed and will automatically reload the page for you. This will result in an always up-to-date preview of your website. In Wix you have to make your change, then switch to the preview by clicking on the preview button, and then turn back to you editor to work on your page again. The time necessary to switch back and forth between the preview and your editor adds up and will slow you down. To be fair, this is probably something which will only annoy an experienced web designer.

Wix Template Design Options

One of the best features Wix has to offer is its remarkable collection of templates. You can choose from more than 1000 different sample websites.

To find the best template for your website you can browse the categories. Favorite categories are:

Business, Online Store, Photography, Music, Design, Restaurants & Food, Accommodation, Events, Portfolio & CV, Blog, Health & Wellness, Fashion & Beauty, Community & Education, Creative Arts, and Landing Pages.

Altogether, you will find over 70 categories and sub-categories.

Most Wix templates are well designed and look great. Some templates are one-page templates, other have multiple pages, some use modern effects like parallax scrolling which you often see in landing pages for several well-known brands like Nike and Spotify.

The biggest problem regarding templates is that you cannot change a template after you have added your content. Therefore, make sure to spend the time to look for the one that will keep you satisfied for the next couple of years.

If you do not like any of the provided templates, it is also possible to create a website from scratch and create your own design, which gives you the greatest freedom but also imposes the most work on you.

Even if you plan to build your website from scratch, Wix makes your life a little easier. You can choose from seven different blank templates: Start from scratch, Classic Layout, Minimal Layout, One Page Layout, Showcase Portfolio, Gallery Layout, and Strip Header Layout. Those starter templates will give you a basic layout for your page without branding it in any way.


The Wix platform has an impressive list of features. The platform has grown over the last ten years, so it is hard to cover all features. What follows is a small collection of the core features of Wix:

  • hosting
  • freemium model
  • online storage for images, PDFs, and other assets
  • impressive collection of templates
  • video backgrounds
  • animations
  • embed own HTML
  • app market
  • blog
  • e-commerce

Wix is not just a tool with which you can create websites. It is designed to be a complete solution for all your website needs. Therefore it just makes sense to have the hosting included.

Think for a minute what this means: customers do not have to rent servers, deploy their software packages and have to deal with upgrading servers or hardware. They do not have to make backups. No need to have to update your server software and operating system to the latest version. All these concerns are handled for you.

If you look at the pricing plans offered by Wix.com, you will see that they build their offer upon a pricing model which is called the freemium model. Freemium means that the core services are free; you only have to pay for premium features. This takes away nearly all hurdles to try Wix and see whether one likes it.

Another great thing is that you can upload all the assets, like images and videos to the Wix servers at no extra cost. You even can use images they offer for free. Make sure though not to make too heavy use of it, as your website might lose its identity when you use free images seen on every second site.

Wix Free Images

Wix Image Upload

I already mentioned the outstanding collection of templates Wix has to offer. I guess it is the main reason why Wix has achieved to get so many users. Their web design team has done a great job of coming up with appealing designs. And the underlying technology has made this possible: you can add video backgrounds, animations and even embed your own HTML snippets.

You can extend your website with apps you can install from the app market. Adding an Instagram feed, or a video gallery is easy-peasy by utilizing those widgets.

You can even add an e-commerce store to your site and take payments from your readers. It seems there are almost no limits.

Nevertheless, of the great features Wix.com has to offer, I would like to drop a word of caution here. It is easy to get excited when you first see all the possibilities Wix has to offer. Make sure to look closely at your website needs, then evaluate if you can achieve what you have envisioned by using Wix.com as your web platform.

Advanced usage

Are you planning to move your website more into the center of your business?

Wix also allows you to build complete e-commerce solutions with their tools. You can add a shopping cart to your site and take payments or add a PayPal button.

You can collect analytics to find out how your website visitors interact with your web pages.

It is also possible to add communication tools to get in contact with your visitors while they are on your site.

All these features make it possible to earn money with your website.

I have not tested those advanced capabilities the Wix platform has to offer. If you plan to use some of those features, again, make sure you do your research by browsing the Wix forums and by speaking to other website owners who already have a website running with those features.

Wix Customer Support

Regardless of the tool you use to build your presence on the web, you will run into problems for which you need to find a solution.

There are several options for you to find help when you need it.

Probably the first choice you will encounter is the context sensitive help in the Wix editor. It is a very convenient and user-friendly option to learn how to use Wix. Whenever you see a button labeled with a question mark, you can click on it to get a popup which lets you browse through relevant topics.

Then there is the Wix Help Center with thousands of articles you can search through. Whether your problem is related to the Wix Editor, Wix Photo Albums, or the Wix App Market. The chances are good that you will find a detailed article with a solution for your issue.

Wix Help Center

If you do not find an answer in the Wix knowledge base, you can contact customer support by submitting a ticket or by scheduling a phone call with a member of the Wix support team.

You need to be signed in to submit a ticket. Tickets are public by default and can be seen by other Wix customers. This makes sense, as probably many users have similar questions. But do not fret, you can make your ticket private by checking the box labeled Make this ticket private.

If your ticket is public, you will find your support request in the discussions section of the online help center. You can browse through featured and recent discussions. It is also possible to search through the whole database.

If you prefer talking to a Wix employee, you can schedule a phone call. You need to be signed in to schedule a call.

If your website is the core of your business and you need to get answers fast, you can consider upgrading to the Wix VIP Premium Plan. This plan gives you priority support, with priority call back and instant response.

Another great option Wix has to offer is the ability for users to enter feature requests. This is a win-win for Wix and customers alike. You might get the feature you are looking for, and Wix learns what their customers want.

If you are building your first website with Wix, you will be happy to hear that you can find a lot of very detailed tutorials in the help center. For example, there is a [nice tutorial on how to connect your domain] to the site you built with Wix. Another tutorial shows you [how you can connect your Google Apps Mailbox to Wix].

If you need help with designing your website you might find Wix Arena interesting. In the arena, you will find professional web designers you can hire to improve your site.

Last but not least I would like to mention the Wix blog. It has great articles on how you can build a stellar website. The blog covers many topics which will help you improve your site and business. You will also find links to tutorials and instructional video link to from the blog.

Wix’ customer base is huge, it is a whole ecosystem, and therefore it is quite easy to find answers to your questions.

Mobile Device Support

Today most people access the internet not from a desktop computer, but through mobile devices. Therefore, it is crucial to have a mobile-friendly version of your website.

Imagine you have a paragraph on your site which is designed using a small font size. It is fine to read on your desktop browser but is unreadable on a device with a smaller screen.

Wix Fonts

Even Google will give you a higher ranking when you optimize your website for desktop and mobile devices.

If you hire a web designer to code your web pages, he will take care of this by using responsive layouts.

Responsive means that your site will respond to different screen sizes. You do not know which device a website visitor is using to browse your content. Therefore, you need to make sure your site visitors get a great experience on their smartphones as well as on their desktop computers.

Wix is not using responsive layouts. Instead, they use a trick to give your website visitors a good user experience on mobile devices. Wix holds two versions of your site: one for desktops and one for mobile devices. When Wix recognizes that a request comes to your site from a device with a small screen, it will display the mobile version. Otherwise, it will show the standard, desktop version.

Unfortunately, this trick imposes a little more work on you. You have to maintain two separate versions of your website: a desktop version and a mobile version.

In the Wix editor, you can switch quickly between the desktop and mobile versions of your site.

You can add a Mobile Action Bar to the mobile version to make it easier for your visitors to see your phone number, email, or address.

You can easily hide sections of your website on mobile devices to enhance the user experience on smartphones and tablets.

It is also easy to increase the font size on the mobile version. Or you can use different colors to make sure that your content is still readable when the user is outside where the daylight is much brighter than indoors.

All in all, the workaround Wix is offering works, but it is not ideal. It would be much better if Wix would provide tools that let you create real responsive layouts. Of course, this would make the editor much more complex which would be a drawback for beginning Wix users.

Wix App Market

The Wix App Market offers hundreds of web apps to enhance the functionality of your website. Those apps can be easily installed and customized to fit the design you have chosen for your site.

You can find apps by browsing through the different categories, or searching for relevant apps by using the search bar. To get more information about an app you can click on it, or try a demo if available.

Wix App Market

There are scheduling apps, booking apps, shopping cart apps and live chat apps available. The supply of professional apps which will help you to run your business is superb.

Installing an app could not be easier. You can install an app right from the Wix editor, or from within your Dashboard.

Wix Dashboard

Wix Site Manager

Most apps found in the app market follow a similar pricing model as Wix itself. The basic version is free, and the premium app is available to paying customers only.

But there are also apps which are completely free, even with the full functionality. For example, if you want to integrate Google maps into your site, you only need to install the free Google Maps app. Similar free apps are a Twitter follow app, a contact form app, or an audio player.

There is a section in the app market which lists all apps made by Wix.

There is also an extensive list of third-party apps. Here is an excerpt of the apps available:

Comments, RatingWidget, Live Chat Room, Site Search, Upload Property, Events Calendar, Wonder Search, Flix Universe, Visit - Virtual Tour, Multimedia Feedback, Sell Downloads, Blog (by AtContent), SEO Coach Analytics, eBay Product Videos, HDW Player, Safe Contact Form, Buy It Now, QuickForm, Pricer Ninja, Instant Resume, Complete Search, Dropifi Contact Widget, Simpl-e-Schedule, Easy SEO Blog, 500px Gallery, Marketing and Analytics, Constant Contact Lightbox, Anymbed, iPlayerHD Video Hosting, Fyrebox Quizzes, Charts Ninja, Portfolio, FunCaptcha Contact Form, MPZMail Email Marketing, Galerie Social Gallery, Video Gallery, 24-7 Automatic Live Chat, MyTshirt

Wix Email Marketing

As with the templates, it is important you spend some time to find the right app for your business case. For some apps, you have to purchase yet another subscription. App subscriptions add up quickly and can become quite pricey.

So take your time, analyze your website needs and then make sure to find the right app for those requirements.

Wix E-Commerce Services

I already mentioned that it is possible to create e-commerce websites with Wix. But if you want to add an online store to your Wix website you need to upgrade your account to the eCommerce or VIP plan.

Wix Online Store

Again, I have not tested the e-commerce capabilities of Wix. But when I did the research for this article, I found out that people reported that the shop solution is good for selling physical goods, but that there is no way to sell digital downloads, like music files or books.

If you want to sell digital goods, have a look at [Gumroad].

If you do not want to purchase a Wix eCommerce plan you might find a third-party shopping cart app in the Wix App Market. If the app suits your needs, you can avoid having to pay for the premium plan. Of course, this only makes sense if the app costs less than the e-commerce subscription.


While doing research for this article, I found that some people are concerned that you cannot rank a website built with Wix in the search engine results pages of Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Let me assure you that it is possible to rank your web pages created with Wix in search engines. Like with any other website, you need to ensure to make it easy for search engines to understand your content.

This is done by setting up a good website structure through dedicated pages, page sections, and relevant links between those pages.

The so called on page SEO can be addressed by setting meta descriptions for a page’s title and description.

You can build clean, SEO-friendly links which will further support your SEO results.

Wix SEO Wizard

It is also possible to set the keywords meta tag for a page. But Google ignores the keywords tag these days.

You even can optimize your image tags for search engines by setting a relevant title and alt tag.

You can build the page structure and set all the SEO related tags within the Wix editor.

In short, you do not have to worry, whether you can rank a website built with Wix. It might be a little harder to rank a site which you created with Wix than a site built with hand-coded HTML because you do not have full control over the source code. But really, it should not be a concern.

Your only worry should be to build a great website with good, relevant content and your site will get ranked accordingly.

Wix Email

Wix offers personalized mailboxes through Google. Connecting a Google mail account allows you to add a customized email address using your domain.

To link a mailbox to your Wix account, you need to upgrade to a premium plan and connect a domain.

Wix Email

Then you will have to create an account for Google Apps For Work. Please, notice that the premium Wix plan does not cover the costs for your Google Apps account. You will have to pay for Google extra. There are two plans: yearly and monthly

Wix Premium

Hosting options

The most important thing to say about Wix and hosting is that hosting is included with each Wix pricing plan.

There are two components we should evaluate when we look at the different hosting options Wix has to offer: bandwidth and storage.

Storage is the amount of disk space your website consumes on a Wix server. Every file you upload to one of Wix’ servers takes up some space apparently. And every page you create also needs some space on a storage device in Wix’ server farm. Therefore it is good advice to upload only files you need.

Every pricing plan Wix offers has limited storage.

Bandwidth is the amount of data which is transferred from the Wix servers to your website visitors. The amount of bandwidth needed to transfer your assets to Wix is not restricted by this limit.

Storage is limited on every pricing tier, while bandwidth is limited only on the Connect Domain, Combo, and eCommerce plans. Here is a full rundown of storage and bandwidth offered on each Wix pricing tear:

  • Connect Domain: 1 Gigabyte Bandwidth and 500 Megabyte Storage
  • Combo: 2 Gigabyte Bandwidth and 3 Gigabyte Storage
  • Unlimited: Unlimited Bandwidth and 10 Gigabyte Storage
  • eCommerce: 10 Gigabyte Bandwidth and 20 Gigabyte Storage
  • VIP: Unlimited Gigabyte Bandwidth and 20 Gigabyte Storage

Wix Domain

Each Free Wix site comes with up to 500 Megabyte of storage and 500 Megabyte of bandwidth.

Unfortunately, you cannot see how much bandwidth or storage your site consumes. Wix will send you a warning when your site is about to reach one of the limits. The website will nonetheless operate normally, but you will probably have to upgrade to a higher plan.

If you are building a new site, I would recommend you pick the smallest plan, which has no Wix branding on it, which is the Combo plan. Then just build your site and try to get the traffic it deserves. When you have a lot of people coming to your website, there is still enough time to upgrade to a plan with more bandwidth.

If you are on a tight budget, you can try not to use too many images and videos, which will save you both, bandwidth and storage.

Footnote: Yes, the plan called Unlimited has limited storage of 10 Gigabyte.

Footnote: Please note that the VIP plan might not be available in your country.

Wix Pricing

Wix embraces a freemium business model, which means that you can use your Wix account for free as long as you like. You only need to pay if you want to make use of features which need a subscription to the premium plan. For example, if you want to remove the Wix branding from your website or if you want to connect a custom domain you own.

Wix offers four pricing tiers internationally and 5 for English speaking countries.

Wix Prices

The most basic plan is called Connect Domain. The plan includes one gigabyte of bandwidth and 500 megabytes of online storage and allows you to connect your domain. The domain is not included in the plan, so you need to buy it on a separate domain hosting service. It is noteworthy that this plan will not remove the Wix branding from your published website.

The plan recommended for personal use is called Combo. The plan covers two gigabytes of bandwidth and 3 gigabyte of online storage. You can connect your own domain. There is even a free domain included in this plan. The Wix branding will be removed from your website. You can also add your own favicon.

The plan advertised by Wix as the most popular plan is called Unlimited and recommended for entrepreneurs and freelancers. The bandwidth in this plan is unlimited, and you can store up to 10 gigabytes. Like the Combo plan, this plan includes a free domain, the possibility to connect your own domain, the removal of the Wix branding and a customizable favicon. As a bonus, the Form Builder and the Site Booster apps are included.

The plan labeled eCommerce is aimed at small business owners. The bandwidth is limited to 10 gigabytes and the storage to 20 gigabyte. It includes an online shop. Besides that, it has the same features as the Unlimited plan.

The most expensive plan is called VIP. It offers 20 gigabytes of online storage and has unlimited bandwidth. Features are like that of the eCommerce plan, but in addition, you can run 20 email campaigns per month, and you get a professional site review.

Please note that the above descriptions only apply when you select the yearly subscription. If you choose the monthly subscription, you do not get a free domain. Also, you will not get the two mentioned apps from the Wix App market.

I recommend you try the service for free and when you are confident that Wix is the best website builder for you, then upgrade using the yearly subscription, as it gives you the best value for your money.

If you want to sign-up for the VIP plan, please, contact the Wix support and ask if it is available for your country and language.

All in all, the Unlimited plan offers the greatest amount of features relative to the cost, making it the best bet for most users.

Wix Prices Euro

Wix.com Free Websites?

I would say that it is free to test Wix.com, which is great in itself. But regardless of what you are doing on the web, in 99.99% of use cases you need your own domain. And you only can link a custom domain if you are on a paid plan. That’s totally fine, but I would not call Wix.com a free website builder.

It is also important to point out that there might be additional costs coming your way, depending on what you need on top of what is covered by the subscriptions. For example, you might need to connect a mailbox to your account. Then you will have to pay extra for a Google account. Or, if you need to take online bookings, then you will have to pay extra for the booking apps from the Wix App market.

Do your analysis first; find out what services and widgets you need to run your dream website. Some apps from the app market add to your monthly bill.

Are there cheaper alternatives to Wix.com?

I have not done a full analysis yet regarding a cheaper alternative to Wix. Before you buy a Wix subscription, please also read the section Wix alternatives below.

Wix.com Quick Start

Getting started with couldn’t be easier. You just sign up to Wix.com with your email address, with your Facebook, or Google account.

Wix Login Dialog

As soon as you are logged in, you will be asked what kind of website you want to create. After having chosen the category, you will be presented with a selection of designs you can use for your website.

You should take your time when selecting the template. Pay attention to the site structure and the layout of the different pages. You will not be able to switch the template after you have added your content and assets.

Pick Wix Template

When you have picked a template which comes close to how you imagined your web presence you can start to upload your assets (images, videos, other files for download, etc.).

Then it is just adding elements you need and editing the stock text.

Adding pages to your site is trouble-free, as you can see in the screenshot below:

Wix Pages

You can preview your site at any time.

When you are happy with your changes you can hit the publish button and your website will be accessible on the internet. As I said, it could not be any easier.

Wix Showcase

A good way to find out whether Wix.com is a good choice for you is to look at what other people have created with Wix. This section is a showcase of Wix websites built for different use cases.

Wix Templates

A Wix Photography Website

Wix Alternatives

Wix is a great service if you want to create a beautiful website in a short amount of time without having to pay any designers or coders. Having said this, no tool is for everybody. It is always wise to look at what competitors have to offer.

Many companies on the internet have similar offerings to those of Wix.com. You can check out Webnode, Weebly, Squarespace, and Jimdo. All noteworthy alternatives to Wix.

Take your time to check out at least some alternatives. Switching your website from one solution to another is always troublesome.

Make an educated decision and then stick happily to the service you picked.

If you need a website for your business, but it is not at the core of your business, for example when you have a restaurant, Wix.com is a safe bet.

I would look for competing products if your website is your business. For example, if you run a blog and publish several posts each week, I would not recommend Wix. There are better solutions for bloggers. For example Wordpress, Contently, and Ghost are better suited for bloggers.

My Recommendation

The Wix.com website builder is a great tool for everybody who needs a website for their business. The editor is very easy to use and well fitted for nontech-savvy users as well as techies.

Testing Wix at no cost is easy. Therefore, it is risk-free to see if Wix.com is the right choice for your website needs.

After having worked on several Wix projects, I came to the conclusion that Wix is a good if not the best website builder on the internet.

Jo carries a fancy degree in computer science. He has built many websites by coding HTML, CSS, and JavsScript manually. He loves to write and help others to make digital doodah.

Any questions regarding this article? Please contact me at jo@cutemachine.com and I will be happy to answer them.

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