The WIX Course – Build Your Dream Website

Learn to build a stunning website for your business in one weekend.

Have you struggled creating a stunning website for your business or side project?

Building an awesome website is hard. It is painful and time consuming. You have to know so many things ... design, coding, SEO, ... the list goes on.

Now what? Hire a coder, a designer, and an SEO specialist?

There is no need to hire anybody. You can do it yourself. This course will teach you how. You can learn the necessary skills in just one weekend. When you use the right tool, like Wix, you even can launch it to the public on the same weekend.

To good to be true? Let me show you what you will learn ...

What you will learn …

Build the perfect website for your small business.

Build a product page for your mobile app (Android or iOS).

Build a coming soon page for your upcoming event or launch.

Build a website for your book or course launch.

Build a website with a blog for content marketing.

Build private pages, accessible only by your team.

Use the Wix Editor efficiently to build your website in no time.

Use templates as a starting point for your own website.

Learn to create the perfect website structure.

Learn the most important design principles.

Prepare your site and pages to rank well on any search engine.

Working with text, images, and videos.


Is this course for you?

If you are looking for a solid way to build a website quickly without having to pay a fortune for it, then website builders are a great way to achieve this.

This course shows you how you can learn the essential skills to build a website without any outside help. The team behind have created a website builder you will love to work with. And you can use it for free to see whether it fits your needs.



All you need to have to take this course is the willingness to learn and experiment. In just one weekend you can launch your website.

You also need a free account with No worries, you only have to pay if you upgrade to one of their premium plans, but to get started a account is totally free. You can read my review of the Wix Website builder, if you want to learn more.

About the author


Jo's Profile ImageJo has a degree in computer science and loves to create digital products ranging from websites to mobile applications. He knows how frustrating and time consuming it can be to build a website from scratch. In this course he shows you how you can save your most precious resources time and money, yet still create a great website for your business or side project.

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