How to Customize the Post Byline with the Thesis Theme for Wordpress

While I was reading an article on Social Triggers I found an elegant way to link to my Twitter account on CuteMachine in the post byline.

Have a look at this post and you will see the link to my Twitter account in the byline just below the headline.

As you might already have noticed, I use the excellent Thesis Theme for Wordpress on CuteMachine which makes it really easy to customize the post byline.

Set up the Link to Your Twitter Account in the Post Byline

Step 1: Open the Thesis Design Options and make sure Show author name in post byline is checked, as you can see in this screenshot:

Bylines Options

Step 2: Open the Thesis Custom File Editor from the Thesis menu. Select customfunctions.php_ from the drop down menu and click on Edit selected file. Add the following function to your custom_functions.php file:

/* Byline */
function add_to_byline() {
    echo ' | Click to Follow Him on Twitter';

Step 3: Now add the custom byline to your site with the following hook. Just paste this line below the function you just added to your customfunctions.php_ file:

add_action('thesis_hook_byline_item', 'add_to_byline');

Step 4: Add the following code to your custom.css file to style the byline.

/* Byline */
.custom .headline_meta {  
    font-style: normal;  
    line-height: 1.86em;  
.custom .headline_meta a {
    color: #13538F;
.custom .headline_meta a:hover {
    color: #4D9DCD;
.custom a {
    outline: medium none;

That's all. You now have a byline which links to your Twitter account.

Posted on CuteMachine.

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