Name Squatting on iTunesConnect with Style

When you are close to finishing your iOS project, it is a good idea to reserve the name for your app on the App Store. You do this by creating a new entry for your app in iTunesConnect.

Don't squat the app name too early though, because Apple expects you to upload your binary at least three months after you created the application in iTunesConnect.

iTunes requires you to also provide an icon when you create a new entry in iTunesConnect. What is given below is a placeholder icon I use when squatting my app's name in iTunesConnect.

Feel free to use this icon in your projects, be they private or commercial. Do whatever you want with it. As long as you are happy, I too will feel the same.

You can also download the Opacity Project file and adopt it to your needs. Opacity is a nifty graphics editor at a low price. It has some really nice features, you won't be able to find in other graphics programs. For example, Opacity can generate Objective-C code which you can use in your iOS projects. Cool.

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