Removing Google Analytics

I'm not comfortable with Google or any other corporation for that matter, using my website to collect data about visitors to CuteMachine.

Corporations collect vast amounts of data and use this data to manipulate us without our awareness. I consider this to be evil, and I do not want to be a part of it. Furthermore, I don't trust Google.

In my post about Digital Gardens I wrote that I would soon remove Google Analytics to protect my visitor's privacy.

Well, I will not replace Google Analytics but remove it altogether. I do not need an alternative because I never really used the provided data in the first place.

Sure it was nice to see where visitors were coming from, but I will be able to survive without this insight.

If I see a need for analytics in the future, I will choose a solution that respects my visitor's privacy. These Google Analytics alternatives look like viable options to consider:

  • matomo—Ethical Analytics, Powerful Insights
  • Fathom—Simple, light-weight, privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics

I haven't done much research, though.

Hers is what I have done to remove the tracking from CuteMachine.

I went to Search Console's association page and clicked Unlink association.

Remove Google Analytics From Gatsby

I removed the Google Analytics plugin from Gatsby.

$ npm uninstall gatsby-plugin-google-analytics

Then I removed the Google Analytics plugin configuration from gatsby-config.js.

plugins: [
    resolve: `gatsby-plugin-google-analytics`,
    options: {
    trackingId: config.googleAnalyticsID,
    anonymize: true,
    respectDNT: true,



As the last step, I removed the Google Analytics ID from my config file.

Delete Google Analytics Account

To close the Google Analytics chapter, I hopped over to the admin area in Google Analytics and requested the account deletion.


I have removed Google Analytics from CuteMachine—and it feels good.

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