Playing Tetris With Zsh

Wow, today I learned that you could play Tetris with Zsh. No plugins are required.

Playing Tetris With Zsh

Here is how you run Tetris in your Zsh.

$ autoload -Uz tetriscurses
$ tetriscurses

You can add the alias tetris and the autoload command to your .zshrc if you play it more often.

$ autoload -Uz tetriscurses
$ alias tetris=tetriscurses

When the game starts, press H (capital h) to get help on how to play.

Playing Tetris With Zsh Help

Play the game with the following keys:

  • left: h, j, cursor left
  • right: n, l, cursor right
  • rotate: c, i, cursor up
  • soft drop: t, k, cursor down
  • hard drop: space
  • quit: q

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