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Running a Meteor App on iOS, or Android

Meteor is famous for giving you the power to develop reactive web applications with fewer lines of code and in less time. But not many developers know that you also can develop cross-platform Meteor apps. Or, in simpler words, your Meteor apps can run on the web, on iOS, and on Android devices.

This guide shows you how to run your application on an iPhone or iPad. You also can take this guide and replace the word ios with android and you should be able to install your app on an Android device as well.


Why Meteor

Meteor is a platform with which you can build web and mobile applications in pure JavaScript. This means you use JavaScript on the client, which you probably would do anyway, and on the back end. The most important question you should ask about Meteor is whether it is a good fit for your next software project and if learning Meteor is a good investment of your time. After reading this article you should be able to answer that question with greater confidence.


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