Features of the iPhone Headset

After using the iPhone daily for nearly half a year, I realized that the headphone has a button to control several features. I guess sometimes it helps to read the manual which comes with the iPhone.

If you do not read manuals, do not worry, everything is here:
  • You can answer an incoming call by pressing the headphone button once. Press it again if you want to hang up.
  • While you are listening to music on your iPhone, you can press the headphone's button once to pause the music. Press it once more to start the playback again.
  • Use a double click to play the next track in your playlist.
  • There is another interesting feature. If you want to jump back to the beginning of the current track, you need only to press the button three times in a row. If the playback is a few seconds in the track, the playback of the previous track will be started. This will need some practice though.
  • Pressing the button while no music is playing, the iPhone will pick a random track and start the playback.
  • Pulling out the headphone while you're listening to your iPod, will stop the playback. When you start the playback again you will notice that the iPod is repeating the last two or three seconds. This is especially useful when listening to podcasts.

This should be all, though I haven't tried to quadruple click …

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