Your iPhone is a BabyFon

If you do not have children yet, then bookmark this page and come back when you have. You will appreciate this app in your future family live. Fathers and Mothers, read on.

This application does exactly what its name implies. It works like a real baby phone. When your little one starts crying, BabyFon will call the number you have denoted in the settings. You can also define the sensitivity. This will prevent the application from causing a false alarm, when your baby just coughs or turns around in bed while sleeping.


In our homes we do have two sets of baby phones. One set is the best rated baby phone on Amazon, yet it does not work satisfactorily. Our dwelling is surrounded by other buildings which block the baby phone's signal when we are farther away than 50 meters from our home. The excellent Italian restaurant is 200 meters away, though. No signal there. No such problem in the case of the iPhone with BabyFon running on it. Just start the application and lay the phone in the room where your baby sleeps. If your sweet little one starts to cry you will get a call immediately. You can listen and decide whether you need to rush home or can stay and enjoy your bruschette.

You need to make sure, however, that you divert incoming phone calls on the iPhone running BabyFon. An incoming call will interrupt BabyFon and you won't get a call afterwards.

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