Form New Habits with GoalKeep

Do you know Jerry Seinfeld's productivity secret? Actually it is quite simple.

Suppose you have a life goal, but have not got there because the goal seems insurmountable. The life goals may be something like _I want to run a marathon once in my lifetime,_ or _I want to give up smoking._ There is a simple method to reach your goal: write it down and then make sure you take one little step each day in your goal's direction. If you want to have success in anything, you must ensure to take action every day. For example, to quit smoking is easy: but just avoid the next cigarette. Take baby steps.

GoalKeep calendar view

This is exactly what GoalKeep is good for. Define your goal by writing it down and then check off each day whether you did something to reach your goal. After a few days you will see a chain of check marks in GoalKeep's calendar view. You will be proud of yourself and this will give you the motivation not to break that chain.

I know this may sound a bit theatrical, but I think this little app really has the power to change your life. In the last weeks I succeeded in remaining a vegetarian. Moreover, I am exercising every day and formed other habits which seemed important to me. Though it is really too early to tell whether the success is sustainable, I wholeheartedly recommend this little app to you. It is well worth its price.

Here is how I use it.

  • I open GoalKeep each morning and go through my life goals and plan the actions I want to take that particular day. This encourages me to go after my goals.
  • Throughout the day I take my baby steps I planned in the morning.
  • At the end of the day I add a little check mark to the chain.

As the app description states, it is really a great motivator to have a visual feedback and see what you have done in the past to reach your goals. 

And remember, don't break the chain.

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