Hi, I'm Jo Meenen, a developer living in Frankfurt, Germany.

When I'm not eating chocolate or drinking coffee, I'm working on my software as a service business, making every mistake a man can possibly make.

These days I develop mostly with JavaScript and React.

CuteMachine is my personal blog, where I love to share my learnings on programming, marketing, self improvement, and voodoo.

Here are some more things about myself in no particular order:

  • Friends call me an Apple fanboy. Rightly so. I bought my first Apple computer, an Apple IIe, in 1983. Well, my parents did.
  • I have a diploma in computer science, which is great if you want to work for the corporate world. Besides that I would label it useless.
  • I developed and self-published almost 40 apps for iOS and Android.
  • Travel is my greatest passion.
  • I value experiences over stuff. Stuff owns you, not the other way around.
  • I love design and minimalism.
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