I’m Jo Meenen, a developer and teacher living in Frankfurt, Germany. When I’m not eating chocolate or drinking coffee, I’m usually working on my software as a service business, making every mistake a man can possibly make.

These days I develop mostly with Meteor and JavaScript. I’m also the organizer of the Meteor Frankfurt Meetup. If you are interested in Meteor, you are more than welcome. Join us.

CuteMachine is my personal blog, where I love to share my learnings on programming, marketing, self improvement, and voodoo.

Here are some more things about myself in no particular order:

  • Friends call me an Apple fanboy. Rightly so. I bought my first Apple computer, an Apple IIe, in 1983. Well, my parents did.
  • I have a diploma in computer science, which is great if you want to work for the corporate world. Besides that I would label it useless.
  • I developed and self-published almost 40 apps for iOS and Android.
  • Travel is my greatest passion.
  • I value experiences over stuff. Stuff owns you, not the other way around.
  • I love design and minimalism.

Jo's Profile ImageWritten by Jo Meenen who lives and works in Frankfurt building digital doodah. Stalk him on Twitter