Improve Your Corona SDK Setup

This post will show you how you can quickly switch between different Corona projects. Furthermore, you will learn how you can switch between simulated devices quickly.

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Vim Snippets for Corona SDK and Lua Development

In my last post I showed you [how to set up Vim for Corona SDK development]. The environment I described in it has a lot of room for improvement. One of these is code snippets.

This post will show you how to add Corona SDK and Lua code snippets to the Vim editor.

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Corona SDK Meets Vim

Using Vim for Corona SDK development is really a good option. Here are the tips you need to use Vim together with Corona.

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How to Watermark Images with ImageMagick

Watermarking your images is one significant component of building your brand on the Internet. In the post How to Brand Your WordPress Images with Pixelmator’s Watermark Action I described how you can watermark your images with the excellent Pixelmator application. But the workflow is limited and has some drawbacks:

  • Small images get upscaled, which results in blurry images.
  • All images get watermarked, even images which are smaller than the watermark.
  • Positioning of the watermark is limited, as you have only 9 positions to choose from.
  • You need to buy a license for Pixelmator.

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Easily Install Free Software on Mac OS X with MacPorts

There are lots of great open source software packages available for free. Installing these is sometimes a really hard task. MacPorts greatly simplifies the compiling and installing of open-source software on your Mac. You do not have to download any source code and compile it yourself. Just let MacPorts install the software for you.

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